How We Are a Lot Like You

Our Story

Our firm’s roots lie in the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, Mark Orgel. Starting at a young age, Mark’s parents instilled the values of customer service, hard work and discipline – values that still permeate our practice today – while he worked at the family’s business. His love of service and people were a natural fit within the 1980s brokerage world, where he began his career with R.W. Baird in 1984.

Mark’s ability to connect with clients led to his rapid ascent within the Baird organization, but there was something missing. Following the 1987 market crash, Mark took an introspective look at the practice. Given his strong analytical background, Mark consigned himself to a simple task: add value consistently for his clients over long periods. Over the course of the following year, Mark devoted countless hours poring through long-term capital markets research from some of the Nation’s finest academic institutions. The outcome of this pursuit was the creation of our first set of Investment Philosophies and the founding of the Eau Claire, Wisconsin branch of Dain Bosworth in 1989.

From 1989 through 2000, the Mark Orgel Investment Group grew to become Dain’s largest practice, building a team of highly skilled customer service staff and developing the first iteration of our proprietary portfolio and client management database to ensure that client care did not diminish as we grew. In-house marketing, trading, and production capabilities were also introduced. We sought to institutionalize the practice through the continued adoption of industry best practices. Among the most significant was the early adoption and implementation of a fully discretionary, fee-based model that was designed to reduce disparity in client outcomes and brought fee schedules into alignment.

The desire to create a more sustainable foundation for the management of the practice led to the hiring of Samir Murty, the practice’s first CFA Charterholder in 2004. Trained in economics, Sam brought with him years of institutional investment management and research experience garnered from the early part of his career with Jeffrey Slocum & Associates. The subsequent hire of an additional CFA Charterholder, Benjamin Kanz, further solidified the practice’s research, portfolio management, and relationship management efforts, while Mark Boser was brought in to lead the practice’s large and growing retirement plan business.

Between 2004 and 2013, the practice grew assets under advisement from $1.5 billion to over $3.0 billion. With the formation of Orgel Wealth Management in October, 2013 as an independent SEC-registered investment adviser1, we sought to further extend our service offerings and enhance the client experience through the continued investment in our people, tools, and technology. Today and every day, we at Orgel Wealth Management strive to create a different kind of investment advisory practice; one based on academics, ethics, integrity, and transparency; one where our clients’ stories come to life.

1Registration of an investment adviser with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or training.