Thought Turned to Action

A Practical Approach to Implementing Investment Strategies in the Real World

We believe our forward-looking approach has served our clients well for nearly 30 years. We are students of both academia and the Street, taking into consideration both time-tested principles and current macroeconomic and financial markets information.

Ours is both a studious and a pragmatic approach to investing and financial analysis that relies on both fundamental truths and hard data. We exercise our knowledge by first identifying a core allocation that represents the larger portion of a portfolio, then supplementing that core with smaller, more opportunistic satellite strategies designed to take advantage of unique market circumstances.

Two things are constant in the financial markets – change and uncertainty. Financial markets do not advance or retreat in linear fashion; they deviate unexpectedly from predicted paths. We believe these variances can represent unique opportunities for portfolio growth. By viewing the market strategically, yet allocating portfolio assets tactically, we seek to position our clients to take advantage of such opportunities. We understand which types of investments fare better at various points of the investment cycle. We place heavy emphasis on risk reduction and tax efficiency while proactively identifying and leveraging opportunities that aim to produce competitive risk-adjusted returns.