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The Orgel Story

In 1984, Mark Orgel sat down in an empty office with only a telephone and a yellow note pad and began to breathe life into his vision of what a wealth management firm should be. Within an industry full of conflicts of interest, Mark wanted to serve people ethically and professionally in an effort to change their lives for the better.

Mark’s commitment to caring deeply for clients and providing well-researched advice led to the rapid expansion of his investment advisory practice, first with Robert W. Baird & Co. and then with Dain Bosworth Inc. During this time, Mark was developing deep relationships with a growing number of clients and devoting resources to solidify the business’s comprehensive consulting capabilities.

As the business grew, Mark surrounded himself with a team of highly skilled investment professionals who shared his commitment to humble service and the pursuit of professional excellence.

In the years that followed, the team moved the business steadily toward a fee-only fiduciary model,  laying the foundation that would eventually lead to the formation of Orgel Wealth Management as an independent, employee-owned firm in October 2013.

Orgel Wealth Management today is a full-service, multigenerational, independent wealth management firm that offers a comprehensive array of services through a team of qualified and educated professionals who are guided by the core values Mark Orgel embraced over 30 years ago.