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Business Leaders

The business leaders we serve benefit from the direct experience our investment professionals have acquired through decades of serving the needs of businesses throughout diverse industries and with a wide range of ownership structures. At no additional charge beyond our investment advisory fee, our clients have access to strategic advisory services, including:

Business Transition Consulting

One of the most complex and emotionally challenging issues business owners confront is the eventual transition of a business to the next generation or new ownership. Orgel Wealth Management is available to guide our clients through all stages of the business succession process, including helping them answer the universal question – “what comes next?” 

Business Sales and Acquisitions

Leveraging over three decades of experience and connections, we guide business owners and leaders through all aspects of merger, acquisition, and sale processes. Directed by the unique goals and priorities of our clients, we serve as an objective advisor that can evaluate the structure, financial implications, and legacy considerations of a transaction.

Strategic Advisory Services

As business owners ourselves, we recognize the importance of sound, objective advice. Orgel Wealth Management helps clients identify and evaluate opportunities and risk, analyze complex data, and design capitalization strategies. Through our strategic advisory services, we strive to assist business leaders with growing and creating value.

Corporate Investment Management

Appropriately managing corporate assets can be time consuming for business leaders juggling multiple responsibilities and demanding schedules. Orgel Wealth Management is available to assist with cash management strategies and the construction of investment portfolios that meet the liquidity and long-term capital goals and objectives of the business.