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Non-Profit Organizations

Orgel Wealth Management has long-standing experience helping foundations and non-profit organizations achieve their goals. Our team is committed to deeply serving the governing boards and committees that lead non-profit organizations. Our comprehensive non profit consulting services, include: 

Investment Management

We understand the unique investment management needs of non-profit organizations balancing diverse spending goals and uncertain funding streams. Our in-house team of investment fiduciaries can create portfolio management strategies tailored to the specific needs of each organization and fund.

Board and Committee Support

Our team has years of first-hand experience addressing the challenges and opportunities facing governing board and committee members. We are committed to being available to provide advice and guidance to organizational leaders with the goal of advancing the mission of the organization.

Custom Reporting

Non-profit organizations are entrusted by donors to advance important philanthropic initiatives and causes within our communities. Our custom reporting solutions can help the staff of non-profit organizations efficiently prepare required reports and respond to donor requests.

Donor Assistance

Committed donors are the lifeblood of many non-profit organizations. Orgel Wealth Management is available to assist the staff of non-profit organizations to educate donors and facilitate the gifting of securities.