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The Orgel Way

Since 1984, we have had the privilege of providing wealth management consulting and advisory services, while forming genuine relationships with individuals, families, businesses, and institutions from across the nation and all walks of life.

Image of Mark Orgel chairman and founder of Orgel Wealth Management, sitting in a chair

The Orgel Story

In 1984, Mark Orgel sat down in an empty office with only a telephone and a yellow note pad and began to breathe life into his vision of what a wealth management firm should be. Within an industry full of conflicts of interest, Mark wanted to serve people ethically and professionally in an effort to change their lives for the better.

Through an approach that we refer to as The Orgel Way, we learn your story, develop strategies to meet your unique needs, and help you overcome obstacles. Recognizing that your goals are as unique as you are:

First, We Listen

We take the time to listen because we believe that knowing your story and understanding what is important to you is foundational to establishing a long-term, successful partnership. Getting to know you allows us to serve you better. By developing a deep knowledge of your priorities and goals, we can begin to anticipate your needs, provide you with customized solutions, and help you manage through the predictable as well as the unpredictable events that are a part of daily life.

Recognizing that your goals are as unique as you are, first we listen.

We Teach

We believe that helping you understand financial concepts and strategies empowers you to make fully informed decisions. Our commitment to educating our clients extends beyond information about the financial markets.

Teaching is not about simply telling you “the right answer.” It is about us, together, understanding why the answer is right for you.

We Solve

Occasionally, the right solution is readily apparent. More commonly, the right solution is the product of detailed analysis, experience, and careful consideration. In every situation, our objective is finding solutions for our clients, providing simplicity and peace of mind.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in meeting your goals and overcoming the challenges you face, financial or otherwise, because, above all, we are in the solutions business.

We Serve

With so many businesses claiming “excellence in client service,” you may wonder if the phrase holds any meaning – we believe it does. To us, excellence in client service is demonstrated by being accessible, responsive, and genuinely helpful. Our commitment is to:

  • Anticipate your needs.
  • Answer your calls and respond to your questions promptly.
  • Deliver information when you need it and how you want it.
  • Tailor our advice to your entire journey, not just a single transaction or point in time.
  • Provide or connect you with resources and expertise.
  • Continually invest in our team in order to expand our capabilities.
  • Make ourselves available to you. Period.